February 8, 2011 - Home

Development time: 4 months

Team Size: 5

Engine: Unity 3D

Position: Lead Designer and Programmer

Lurid is a game where you play as the epitome of darkness. You are a vicious creature who has a primal urge to destroy all that emits light. On this game, I was the lead designer and programmer.

We went with no interface, so as to ensure that the player is immersed in the scene occurring around them. The player’s character is constantly clinging to the surface of a massive beast, which is unlike anything we, as humans, have ever encountered. We wanted the player to lose him/herself and tackle this massive beast without worrying about anything else.


This is the screen which informs the player how to navigate the space and how to use certain buttons to perform the main mechanic, attacking the lighted “nodes.”

This is an image of a node. In the center is a glyph which represents 1 of 3 attacks. The player must use the proper attack while the glyph is still visible. If the wrong glyph is used, the player will be kicked off of the node, represented by a flash of light signaling the player had failed. The image also shows a few small objects headed towards the player. These objects will also kick the player in the opposite direction if he/she is hit by the object.

This game was created in a single semester in Unity 3d. It was a great learning experience for me, and I’m proud of the work that I put into it.