The Horde


The Horde is a tile based survival game made for 3-6 players to play. The game takes about half an hour to 2 hours to play. It takes teamwork and strategy to survive the zombie masses. I was the sole designer on this project and am now looking to get feedback on my game!




After I graduated from college I got contracted to help work on a project started by Pileated Pictures. The game has recently been released in Beta form and can be played at The game allows the player to follow the life of Jay-Z. You start as a nobody in the Marcy Projects but end up traveling the world and touring as a music mogul.  Check out the page to learn what I worked on during the development cycle of the game.






Carnero is a game inspired by the El Dorado legend. You are a scavenger looking for this legendary gold transport ship, and you actually found it. There is a problem though. The gold is protected by machines determined on keeping the gold on Carnero, it is their prime directive and now they are coming after you to stop you at all costs.







Luckless Larry

Luckless Larry is a game based around simple mechanics(running, jumping, and ducking), it is also a game meant to be pick up and played with ease. The premise is simple as well. A building is collapsing behind you, and if you don’t outrun it then you’ll be in for a very rough day…so start running!






Dietide Conflict

Dietide Conflict is a turn-based strategy game. You choose a faction and fight either for dominance or survival, depending on which faction you choose. So who do you choose? The underdog or the reigning champ?







Lurid is a game based on the struggle between darkness in light. You play as the epitome of darkness, you are a creature with no name and no other desire than to extinguish the new source of light which has disturbed your peace.