February 12, 2012 - Home

I have worked on a project contracted by Pileated Pictures LLC. The project has recently been released and can be played on Facebook, however, it is in a beta stage so all the elements of the game aren’t finalized.

My role in the process of making this game was multifaceted. I tested the game throughout the development cycle. I helped with various design problems; such as putting together lists of items to purchase, names of people and places, figuring out the rewards and penalties for various actions. I did extensive research into other games and the systems they employed.

The process helped me better understand the development cycle and how to interact with a group of people through emails and Skype conversations alone. I was also extremely grateful to have a taste of the industry which I so greatly enjoy. This project gave me a better sense of how to structure excel sheets in order to show large amounts of data with the best results. I was in charge of several spreadsheets which detailed out the price ranges for items, the times they should be available to the player based on level or progression, the text that appears for in game news headings and so on. I proved to myself that I have a great mind for organization and detail.