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The Horde
The players interact with the world by starting on a preset game board which then expands, tile by tile, in whatever direction the players move. Within the [...]
I have worked on a project contracted by Pileated Pictures LLC. The project has recently been released and can be played on Facebook, however, it is in a [...]
Development Time: 8 months (4 months for a prototype with a 4 person team, 4 months of production with an 8 person team) Team Size: 8 Engine: UDK Position: [...]
Luckless Larry
Development Time: 4 months Team Size: 3 Engine: Multi-Media Fusion Position: Lead Designer During my freshman year of college I was assigned to a team with [...]
Dietide Conflict
Development Time: 4 months Team size: 3 Engine: Unity 3d Position: Lead Designer The Dietide Conflict is a turn based strategy game where the player has [...]
Development time: 4 months Team Size: 5 Engine: Unity 3D Position: Lead Designer and Programmer Lurid is a game where you play as the epitome of darkness. [...]